Book of the month.

I first heard about Jessica Bennett’s, Feminist Fight Club after Lena Dunham promoted it on her Instagram, after looking it up I figured as a modern woman I should be keeping up to date on current feminist movements.


“Engaging, hilarious and practical—full of simple tools that every woman should have at her disposal. I will proudly proclaim myself a card-carrying member of the FFC.”– SHERYL SANDBERG, COO OF FACEBOOK AND AUTHOR, LEAN IN

“Part manual, part manifesto”, Bennett views the work place as a fight club of sorts, minus the actual punching. The entire book is a compilation of different issues and stories that real women have experienced. Together they vent about sexisim in the workplace and trade tips on how to cope and conquer their problems. The book has hard stats, experience and a no BS tone that keeps you flipping the colorful comic pages. Factual, funny, and fab this book is a must read for any woman in any stage of their career!

You can purchase Feminist Fight Club: An Office Survival Manual for a Sexist Workplace by Jessica Bennett here

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