Things get Spicey at the White House.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer resigned this morning after President Donald Trump named a new White House communications director, Anthony Scaramucci, a wealthy New York financier. According to sources, Spicer was asked to stay on as press secretary, but Spicer told Trump that hiring Scaramucci was a mistake and that he was resigning.

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Spicer had a tumultuous sixth-month stay at the White House as the chief spokesman for an administration in constant controversy. We’ve had a surplus of inaccurate claims, tweets, memes, and SNL skits highlighting his journey. Here’s my favorite to send Spicey off with a bang!


“I don’t believe in the Republican party or the Democratic party. I just believe in parties.”

In the wise words of Samantha Jones, sometimes it’s better not be involved in the insane world of politics. But today is election day and it’s time to GAF! Get out and vote… and enjoy my personal fav SNL skit on your way!